Alto Solutions Portfolio

We combine our expert team and world-class technology to turn rich surface, deep and dark web data into actionable intelligence for risk protection.

Intelligence-as-a-Service (IAAS)
Synthesize billions of data points across open, deep and dark web sources.
Tools, Alerts & Risk Indicators
Our proprietary technology with powerful custom alerting and tailored Risk Indicators.
Custom Generative AI Data Feeds
Exhaustively curated rich data intelligence feeds easily integratable in any SoC.
From deepfakes detection to VR network analysis, our expert team designs the best solutions for your needs.
Distill what is relevant from billions of open source data points with the help of AI. We harness the power of AI, ML, and LLMs to combine power of the surface, deep and dark web and other relevant sources across 53 languages and 123 countries, accelerating analysis while uncovering and visualizing hidden connections for clear, actionable insights and enabling our experienced analysts to deliver crucial context and interpretation.

Via IAAS, we:

Create and manage ad-hoc data environments specific to your needs
Structure and interrogate vast quantities of information to map and monitor specific themes, issues and events
Produce detailed intelligence assets to deliver unmatched insights and capacity for response.
Our customers count on a fully-tailored service, including the design and management of action plans derived from relevant intelligence, and delivery is flexible to your specific needs – including continuous reporting at various intervals or deep dives into specific issues and events
Make use of AI-enabled analysis of massive volumes of data to Map and Assess Risks based on data pattern analysis from multiple sources. Leverage our flagship tool, Analyzer, our Intelligence Panel Dashboards, and ad-hoc Alerts to monitor the digital sphere for:

• Weak signals linked to sensitive or hostile narratives
• Malicious influential digital entities or threat actors
• Inauthentic or anomalous coordinated activity
• Sensitive or malicious digital sources.

Our Risk Indicators offer powerful tools for comparing, analyzing, and monitoring trends across geographies and sectors.
Boost the power of proprietary or external intelligence sources through curated feeds integrating an expansive range of sources, formats, languages, and geographies powered by our data lake for continuous, real-time insights into hostile actions, information operations campaigns, or other sensitive early signals emerging from the surface, deep or dark web.

Everything produced and circulated in the public, deep or dark web of relevance to your company or any relevant issue is accessible (e.g., toxic or false content, deepfakes, leaked or hacked data, cyber incidents).
From the development of deepfake detection algorithms and VR network analysis to automated intelligence dashboards with unique combinations of data sources, we work together with you to design, iterate and deliver the best solutions for your specific needs.

At Alto Labs, we leverage our team’s expertise to deliver custom, ad-hoc solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Through a combination of an unmatched breadth of data sources across the surface, deep, and dark web alongside a world-class development team with advanced capabilities in generative AI, we confidently ensure that you are equipped to address new challenges with unique solutions.

Risks are becoming more complex and interconnected

Reputational Risks
Geopolitical Risks
Security Risks
Financial Risks
Operational Risks
Compliance Risks
Market Risks
Environmental & Social Risks
Supply Chain Risks

Interested in learning more about how your organization can map and assess, monitor and alert, and mitigate and act to manage complex digital risks?