Real-Time AI-Powered Risk Detection

As the line between online and real-world threats vanishes, we safeguard against reputational damage, geopolitical risks, hybrid threats, and security incidents in both domains

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ALTO Solutions Portfolio

Intelligence-as-a-Service (IAAS)

Synthesize billions of data points across open, deep and dark web sources

Tools, Alerts & Risk Indicators

Our proprietary technology with powerful custom alerting and tailored Risk Indicators

Custom Generative AI Data Feeds

Exhaustively curated rich data intelligence feeds easily integratable in any SoC


From deepfakes detection to VR network analysis, our expert team designs the best solutions for your needs.

A Risk Intelligence Program requires 3 components

Map & Assess
Gain situational awareness to understand your risk landscape, discovering “unknown unknowns”
Monitor & Alert
Detect threats and weak signals early to anticipate risk and prevent crises
Mitigate & Act
Inform decision-making to manage risks and crisis situations with rich, real-time data

Use Cases: Where Our Clients Win

Exploring COVID-19 online debates and information pollution in Latin America and Caribbean
We partnered with the UNDP to understand the address misinformation about COVID-18 and vaccines in Latin America and Caribbean. Combining advanced AI technology and human analysis, this research provides policymakers with actionable insights to combat public health related mis- and disinformation.
Why the digital sphere is a fundamental dimension of migration-related activities
From targeted manipulation of sensitive sociopolitical debates to coordinated use of digital platforms like Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp for illicit commercial activities, we map millions of public data points to identify the underlying risks, vulnerabilities, and threat actor incentives that contribute to the emergence of Hybrid Threats linked to migration.

What Makes Alto Intelligence Unique?

Data Acquisition Excellence
World-Class Analyst Team
Proprietary Algorithms from Experts in Generative AI

Alto's extensive historical and real-time data lake enables us to process billions of data points across an unmatched range of sources and formats across the surface, deep, and dark web.

Alto's interdisciplinary, international team of data experts are trained in the social sciences, mathematics, cyber intelligence and more, ensuring consultancy-level insights through best-in-class intelligence.

Our team of generative-AI engineers and developers has built the proprietary algorithms that power our technologies, enabling unmatched delivery of custom, curated intelligence to our clients.

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